How much does it cost to rent a scooter?
The cost of renting a scooter depends on the length of the rental period. See rates


What is the minimum age to drive a scooter?
You have to be 21 years old to drive a moped Scooter.


Do I need a Drivers License?
Yes, you must be in possession of a valid national driving license or an AM proof license.


Do I need to wear a helmet?
No, with our scooters you are not obliged to wear a helmet, but if you prefer wearing one you can borrow one of ours.


What kind of scooters can I rent?
WE offer brand new AGM scooters that run 35 km per hour. The scooters are equipped with a windshield, steering lock and lock chain. The scooters have storage facilities in the glove lock up in the front and a compartment under the buddyseat. In terms of the model they are very much like a Piaggio Vespa scooter (See Pictures by ´Scooters`.


Can two people seat one scooter?
Yes, the scooter can seat two people.


How do I know when there is a scooter rental available?
To ensure that a scooter is available for you, we suggest that you book as early as possible. You can do this easily by using our reservation form.


What documents do I need to hand in when I am about to rent a scooter?
When picking up the scooter you will be required to hand in a dual identity in the form of a valid driver's license and a valid passport or identity card. People that have an address in the Netherlands can submit a proof of residence in the form of a bank-card statement, pay slip, copy of transcript of the fixed telephone line or a transcript of a mobile telephone. These documents must not be older than 30 days.


I get the scooter with a full tank of gasoline?
Yes, all scooters rented at Scooter Rent Amsterdam are delivered with a full tank of gas, that will give you around 200km. The scooter should be fueled up again when bringing it back. You will be charged € 10 if the scooter is not fueled up. To help you save time and hassle: Fuel Service Option Pay in advance for a full tank of fuel and bring the scooter back empty.


Can I return the scooter after openings hours?
No, unfortunately this is not possible. The scooter needs to be checked and you should get your security deposit back.


Where can I find Scooter Rent Amsterdam?
Scooter Rent Amsterdam is located in the center of Amsterdam. For the exact location and to plan a route see adres below the menu.


What are the opening hours of Scooter Rent Amsterdam?
see Opening Hours in the Menu


There are several ways to contact us, for example
The Contact from, the Bookings form by E-mail or telephone Of course you welcome to drop in.


Can I change my Reservation?
To change a reservation you will have to make a new reservation via the bookings form.
Please put in the old reservation number, as a comment.


Can I cancel my reservation?
Cancellations are accepted free of charge until 24 hours prior to rental date. If you wish to cancel your reservation, please send us an e-mail as soon as possible. You will receive a cancellation notice from us by email.


What do I do if I have an accident??

If you have had an accident involving one of our scooters, we ask you to complete the following steps.
• Do not drive with the scooter.
• Please contact the police (phone 0800-8844)
• Fill in the European accident statement form (available in the glove compartment)
• After filling in this Statement both you and the other party should sign both copies
• Report the damage as soon as possible to Scooter Rent Amsterdam.
• In case of an emergency you can reach us “around the clock” by calling this mobile phone number : 06-27265042
• Deliver the European Accident Statement at our establishment.


What should I do in case of damage to the scooter?
You are required to report any damage caused by anyone when returning the scooter.
We are authorized to hold back the deposit, because of the damage caused is located in the center of Amsterdam.